It's Beginning to Get to Me [David Tennant/David Thewlis/Gary Oldman roleplay]

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It's Beginning to Get to Me [David Tennant/David Thewlis/Gary Oldman roleplay]

Post  Sid on Thu Oct 07, 2010 2:56 pm

David Tennant had just gotten out of the studio after a long day on the set of Single Father. He loved the plot for the show and how real it was he thought himself very lucky to have gotten the role of Dave Tyler the single dad the show was centered around, but despite his excitement for that he was even more excited to be meeting his old friends Gary Oldman and David Thewlis for drinks after a long time of being out of contact with both of them. He especially looked forward to seeing the David whom he found to be one of the most fantastic and beautiful men he had ever met. He desperately wished the two of them would get some sort of role together he had only met him through Gary when they worked aside one another in the Goblet of Fire.

He often however also got the sense that something more was between the two of them. Which disappointed him greatly. He wouldn't be surprised if that were the case after all they were both great men, but still secretly hoped that it was just in his imagination. His driver drove him to one of the more private less likely to be filled with paparazzi clubs in Scotland a feat that was a great deal more difficult than one might think considering how recognizable they all were. He hoped they could have a nice uninterrupted evening even if it was highly doubtful. David was really quite amazed at his luck that they somehow had all been in the same place at the same time when generally they were far too busy or far away to talk much other then perhaps through phone calls or online.

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